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Why trust us with your vehicle? We have been in business for over 20 years. We maintain a spotless safety record and work hard to follow the laws and regulations that govern the shipping industry. We have over 30 years of experience behind the wheel and millions of miles on America’s highways. We have delivered thousands of cars to every part of Texas and the USA. We provide great shipping rates for all types of situations, here a few of the folks that have shipping with us:

  • Leasing Companies
  • Moving & Relocation Companies

When we can not move your vehicle on one of our trucks we work with a network of experienced drivers and transport companies that we personally verified with the Department of Transportation for safely and experience. We also verify the driver or carrier company is bonded and has the proper insurance.Our network of trucks and drivers cover the following cites in northern and southern Texas on a weekly basis:

  • Fort Worth
  • El Paso
  • Corpus Christi
  • Arlington
  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • Hosuton
  • San Antonio

Complete the form on this page to find out about other cities in Texas.

We schedule pickups up to three times a week. We offer affordable terminal to terminal service or door to door service for just about every state on a weekly basis. Please reference the information below to find out how often are trucks are going to the your auto's destination:

Auto Transport and Shipping Three Times a Week

  • Texas to California
  • Texas to North Carolina
  • Texas to Georgia
  • Texas to New York
  • Texas to Florida
  • Texas to Colorado
  • Texas to New Jersey
  • Texas to Ohio
  • Texas to Illinois
  • Texas to Pennsylvania
  • Texas to Washington
  • Texas to Arizona

Auto Transport and Shipping One to Two Times a Week

  • Texas to Michigan
  • Texas to Indiana
  • Texas to Tennessee
  • Texas to Missouri
  • Texas to Maryland
  • Texas to Wisconsin
  • Texas to Minnesota
  • Texas to Massachusetts
  • Texas to Alabama
  • Texas to South Carolina
  • Texas to Kentucky
  • Texas to Connecticut

Auto Transport and Shipping Once a Week

  • Texas to Oregon
  • Texas to Mississippi
  • Texas to Arkansas
  • Texas to Kansas
  • Texas to Utah
  • Texas to Nevada
  • Texas to New Mexico
  • Texas to South Dakota
  • Texas to North Dakota
  • Texas to West Virginia
  • Texas to Delaware
  • Texas to Maine

For Auto Transport and Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or any state not mentioned above please call us at 1-800-590-6492 or complete the form on this page to check an car shipping availablity.

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Check here to find current traffic conditions in Texas.

Check Us And Our Competitors Before Shipping Your Car

Whether you go with us or another auto transport company, make sure you check the company's MC and USDOT numbers. If they do not have a MC or USDOT number or the number is inactive, think twice about using their service. What are MC and USDOT and why are they important? The Department of Transportation has a web site that explains what they are and how to verify a company's US DOT and MC number status. You can them at the US Department of Transportation web site: http://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov.

Check Our Car Shipping Insurance

We are fully insured and encourage you to check our coverage and our competitor's coverage when shipping your vehicle. You can check out our insurance and the insurance of our competitors on the same US Department of Transportation web site.

Texas Weather: Texas's climate varies widely, from Mediterranean to sub arctic, depending on latitude, elevation, and proximity to the coast. Coastal and Southern parts of the state have a Mediterranean climate, with somewhat rainy winters and dry summers. The influence of the ocean generally moderates temperature extremes, creating warmer winters and substantially cooler summers, especially along the coastal areas.

Texas Weather Impacts to Shipping Schedules: For the most part Texas weather does not impact shipping schedules. However, some parts of the state do experience inclement weather. We work very hard to keep you informed of any delays during transport, but we recommend you monitor weather in your area for possible delays in transport. Texas traffic conditions and road construction can also impact shipping schedules.

Call now at 1-800-590-6492 or complete the form on this page to find the best Texas auto shipping rates and when a truck will be in your area.